The Republican Party in New York City


Although the beginnings of the Republican Party are founded in Wisconsin, the modern epicenter for many Republicans is found within the Southern states. While the Northeastern United States features a wealth of democrats, the Republican Party in New York City is thriving and growing with each day. In fact, some of the most influential Republican politicians hail from The Big Apple. Political figures such as Theodore Roosevelt, Michael Bloomberg and Rudy Giuliani all began and expanded their political careers and servitude in this great city.

The New York Republican State Committee

Perhaps the most noteworthy political organization in New York City is the New York Republican State Committee, as well as the Manhattan Republican Party. Many are surprised to uncover that the Republican Party in New York City has roots that date back to the very inception of this political party. In fact, this organization was formally established in 1855. While this organization is headquartered in Albany, New York, its reach into New York City is unmatched.

When the Republican Party was first established during the 1850s, setting up shop in New York City was difficult. During this time period, another party known as the Know Nothing Party (Nativity American Party) was the largest within the city and state. However, the newly found Republican Party began expanding its reach through the influence of notable members and a defined set of principles many New Yorker strongly believed in.

Policies of the New York City Republican Party

Much like any other specific sect of the Republican Party, the New York City party features several solid policies on which their platform is built. To gain a better understanding of this political party, its best to begin by exploring their various policies. The following is a sampling of the most foundation policies held strong to by the NYC Republican Party:

Small Business – Much like the national Republican body, this organization believes in strengthening the power of small businesses and agriculture.

Energy Consumption – Because NYC is a major energy consumer, the party is dedicated to the purchase and proliferation of clean infrastructure energy sources.

Health Care – Just as the National Republican Party, the NYC Republican Party strongly opposes government-ran health care systems. Instead, the party strongly believes in support open market competition between the private sector and health care providers. The NYC Republican Party is also in support of the creation of health courts, which are special medical malpractice court systems.


National Security Training to Keep America Safe


Security Guard Training for Civilians

To become more effective at anything, one must study best practices set forth by the nation’s top professionals. We are taking a look at security training to keep America safe, so we’ll turn towards the nation’s security officers for their expertise. When training security guards it is standard practice for the program to implement a system of dealing with threats. These often include identifying the problem, discouraging or minimizing the criminal activity, alerting local law enforcement, and dealing with the emergency as best as you can until help arrives.


We might not be part of the National Security Team that keeps America safe, but we can still do out part. There are little things that we can do on a daily basis in your neighborhood and around your place of employment. In this day and age, we need to protect ourselves, and always be on the lookout for trouble. It’s not like it was 20 years ago where you could walk down the street without the threat of danger and crime. Things are becoming more dangerous than ever.

What can we do to keep safe?
Here are a few ideas brought to you by several top security guard training programs.

  1. Some companies have an issue with tail-gators. These are the people who follow in closely behind the man or woman with the badge, and enter the company’s office building without proper access authentication. This is often how disgruntled employees or rival competitors gain access to a company’s protected information and property.If this situation is every brought to your attention, it is best to get the C-Suite involved. This organization can keep a close eye on things, making sure no one is getting access that should be allowed in.
  2. At home, consider implementing a neighborhood watch program. This will not only build comradery with your fellow neighbors, but will increase awareness and safety for your community. the Neighbhorood Watch has proven data on lowering local crime rates throughout the country.
  3. Consider taking a martial arts program. Most basic security guard training programs will incorporate some aspect of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, but it is always encouraged as an ongoing training effort. Not only will you feel better, be more healthy and alert, and be more flexible, but you will develop a sense of awareness and confidence in the street you wouldn’t otherwise have. This is a great form of exercise for both the body and mind, keeping you sharp and ready to combat any security issues that may arise.

One final thought to leave you all with. Whatever you plan to do, make sure it’s an ongoing thing. This can’t be a once and done thing. Most of your people are going to throw it out of their mind after a while. Some forget. Some choose to forget. You have to reinforce the idea over and over. Sometimes it’s the only way for some people to get it.

Stay safe, and stay secure!