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Richard Brownell


Vice President, New York Republican County Committee

    Prior to Richard Brownell's election as President of the New York Young Republican Club in April 2006, he served two years as Club Vice President. During that time he helped organize the Club's massive volunteer effort, both for the 2004 Republican National Convention and for Young Republican candidates running for the New York City Council and statewide office. This drive has been instrumental in the growth of the Club's membership and reach in the community.

Richard joined the Club in September 2001 after the attacks on September 11th motivated him to become more politically active. He served as Chairman of the Club's Publications Committee from 2002 to 2004, during which time he designed and launched the New York Young Republican Record, which became a widely-read newsletter on the Internet. He has also served as Chief of Staff to the Association of New York State Young Republicans and has consulted on various local and regional Republican campaigns for public office.

Richard is the author of The Fall of the Confederacy and the End of Slavery and America's Failure in Vietnam, history books for high school students published by Thomson Gale. His third volume about the Oklahoma City Bombing will be published in Spring 2007. He is also the author of two stage plays that have been published and performed in New York City and around the country. He is a weekly contributor to the Patriot Post, a conservative e-journal that reaches over 500,000 subscribers on the Internet.

(The preceding information and photograph were taken from the biography posted on the New York Young Republican Club's web site.)


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