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  Dear Harlem Neighbors:

Thank you for taking the time to visit my campaign web site.  I recently announced my candidacy for Harlem's 15th Congressional District.  Please take a moment to explore my web site and learn more about me, my reasons for running and seeking your support, and my plans and ideas for our wonderful community and the city at-large as a Member of the United States House of Representatives representing my neighbors in beautiful and historic Harlem.

I am also running for the US House of Representatives as a Republican candidate against someone who has become something of an institution in the 36 years that he has been in congress.  Nonetheless, institutions are not necessarily a good thing and having a district that has been represented by only two people for the last half century isn't either.  Institutions don't represent the people - they are icons that have long since lost touch with the people they represent.  We have a political monopoly in our community that has become unresponsive and serves only itself - it's time for some good old fashioned trust-busting!

I ask for your support on November 7th so that together we can send a powerful message and finally change the way political business is done in Harlem.  By forcing our leaders to realize our expectations, our leaders will no longer be able to to take us for granted or ignore us.  Please take a moment to explore my web site and learn more about my campaign and my vision for the people of the 15th Congressional District.


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