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Get Involved with the Local Republican Party!

    There are numerous ways to get involved depending on your interests...  
    Sign the Republican Designating Petition in June to Qualify our Republican Candidates.  Under an arcane State Election Law, all candidates for office must collect hundreds of signatures from voters who are enrolled in their party on a designating petition to qualify to appear on the ballot on Election Day.  This year we will be collecting signatures to help our Republican County Committee Members and District Leaders.  We need you help!  If you are a registered Republican in Manhattan, please sign the petition to ensure that there is a Republican organization in Manhattan!  Better yet - run to become a Member of the County Committee and help us collect signatures from your Republican neighbors!  For more information, please contact our office at (212) 517-8444 or  


    Volunteer on Republican Campaigns or here at Headquarters.  Successful campaigns are often measured in hoarse voices and worn shoe leather.  The key to future success will be identifying and organizing thousands of individual Republicans throughout Manhattan who are willing to help improve their communities through direct political action.  Similarly, local campaigns need help to get their message out and reach the voters.  Whether it be helping to make phone calls, collecting signatures to qualify candidates for the ballot, stuffing and stamping envelopes, or distributing campaign literature outside local supermarkets and subway stations, your help will make a tremendous difference.  Please contact us at or (212) 517-8444 for more information or to discuss your interests further.    
    Join Your Local Republican Club.  There is an officially recognized Republican organization that covers every community in Manhattan.  In addition, there are a few organizations whose members share a particular interest or demographic quality, such as the New York Young Republican Club, the New York Log Cabin Republican Club, and the Republican Jewish Coalition.  Please contact our office at (212) 517-8444 or to find the local Republican organization in your area.    
    Become a Member of the New York Republican County Committee. The New York Republican County Committee (NYRCC) is a creation of Election Law and is the official Republican organization in Manhattan.  NYRCC is a volunteer organization that is made up of dedicated individuals who share a common belief in limited government, public safety, and personal liberty, opportunity, and responsibility.  As a Member of the County Committee, you become an elected representative of the Republican Party in your community and a link to the party in your community.  If you are a registered Republican in Manhattan and would like to take your interest in Republican politics to the next level by running for Member of the County Committee and becoming a leader in the party, please contact us at (212) 517-8444 or for more information.    
    Help the Republican Party by Working on Election Day.  Poll workers, the men and women who work at polling places on Election Day and sign people in to vote, are an essential element in our elections and having competent poll workers is the best safeguard we have for fair and accurate results.

You may recall from voting that there are four individuals who work at the table when you sign in to vote.  Two are supposed to be Democrats and the other two Republicans - a system of “checks and balances” that the Board of Elections adopted decades ago to ensure fair elections.  However, in practice it has sometimes proven difficult to identify Republicans who are able to take the day off from work to provide this vital service.  As a result, the Board of Elections generally fills the Republican slots from a waiting list of registered Democrats.  Here at Headquarters, we are looking for dedicated Republicans to provide this important public service.

Poll Inspectors, Clerks, and Language Interpreters are all compensated for their service (currently $200 for the day) and also receive a small amount for attending training sessions prior to the election.  If you are retired, a student, or simply want to help the public and the party by serving as a poll worker, please contact our office at (212) 517-8444 or for more information.

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